Who we are

We are a student group at the University of Michigan that is dedicated to sharing the word of God and the good news of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. We believe that as Christian students, it is our responsibility to do our best for the glory of God in everything we do. We also promote healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise, fellowship and service. It is only with a sober mind and sound body that we can serve our Lord to the fullest in striving for both academic and spiritual excellence. The group first started in 1999 and has been growing larger every year. Our group is very diverse and multicultural and we endeavor to provide a comfortable family atmosphere where students can feel safe and comfortable away from home. We would like to see a personal revival in all our members’ lives and our pastors, leaders and missionaries are available and willing to help students wanting support or spiritual guidance.

We have weekly small group Bible studies, Friday night vespers and a Saturday church service to meet the spiritual needs of our members. We also have social, outreach and service events that happen throughout the semester as well as intramural sports and exercise to contribute to our physical well being.

We firmly believe in the Bible and that a Bible based revival is taking place on the campus of Michigan. We are also associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and are a branch of their campus ministry program. You can learn more about adventist beliefs at http://www.adventist.org.


A Bible-based revival movement in which every student is a missionary

Our Vision

To prepare secular university campuses for the imminent return of Christ.


Academic excellence combined with spiritual excellence


Biblical simplicity; “Your success is in your simplicity. As soon as you depart from it, your power is gone” (2T 608)